Thursday, February 10, 2011

100 Percent Pure Cosmetics Review

Hello, gorgeous! Today I will be reviewing some products by 100 Percent Pure Cosmetics. For those of you who don't know about the brand, 100% Pure makes all of their cosmetics with plant, fruit, and vegetable pigments. Most of their products are all natural, with the exception of some zinc oxide and titanium dioxide added for sun protection in the SPF products. I know you don't know me that well yet, but I am all about natural and organic products, because the skin absorbs everything we put on it. I was very excited to find 100% Pure because I couldn't find a good foundation that offered full coverage for red marks, won't break me out, and is pale enough for my very fair skin. So far I am quite pleased. The shipping was fast and the customer service was friendly.

1. Fruit Pigmented Double Ended Lip Gloss: It feels marvelous on the lips and doesn't "dry" into a tight or flaky residue. It smells like strawberries. The light side is perfect for every day, and the dark side looks nice for night time or for a more dramatic look.

 2. Neutral face palette: This palette is my favorite of all of these products. The blush looks amazingly natural and build-able, the darker lip creme in Natural makes a good lip tint.The lip creme in Nude is so close to my natural lip color and adds just the right amount of color for daytime. The eye shadows in Bare (the darker shade) and Naked (the vanilla color) are good neutral powders which work well with my 60's kitten eye look. All of the colors in this palette lean towards warmer shades.

3. Healthy skin foundation in "Creme":

Before I review this, let me tell you that I have some red acne scars and a couple of breakouts. So far I have not found a foundation that covers these alone, but I think this foundation still does a pretty good job. When combined with concealer and translucent mineral powder (I use a drugstore Maybelline powder), it covers well. This foundation feels like I have nothing on my skin and has a very satiny finish. I like it a lot, but I would recommend that you use a heavy duty moisturizer beforehand if you have dry skin like me, because this foundation wont do justice to dry skin alone. I am not sure if I prefer this or Meow Cosmetics, but I really do like this foundation. I would give it a 4/5.

Before (without foundation)
During? :)

4. Fruit Pigmented Concealer in "Creme": Sigh.This stuff is nice, but if you are going to order a full coverage foundation, you will need to go a color up in concealers. I made the mistake of buying a creme color foundation and a creme concealer. I had to use my sister's white peach concealer to get a perfect color match. When I first put on the concealer, I thought the brush was dry only to see that I had put tons (well not tons but lots) of concealer on my skin. It feels non existent on the brush compared to the usual cold, liquid, feeling of other concealers, but this concealer tube actually has a lot of product in it. I like all of 100% Pure's application brushes. They are nothing fancy but they are nice quality and deliver the right amount of product.


Thanks for reading. If any of you have any questions at all let me know. I'd be glad to help :)


  1. So does the foundation appear yellow when you wear it on your skin, or does it match well? Cuz i think cream is my colour too,[cuz i'm pale] but i don't want to buy something that doesn't match my skin well. [i've done that way too many times].
    Thanks for posting this, it was very helpful.:D

  2. Would you say the concealer masks under-eye circles well? That's my main interest when it comes to concealers.